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    What are the best fairies and khaos atlas hero, angel, weapons and or gear to use on her?
    Forget about Hit, Genesis, doesn't need Hit for anything, she does not attack, the damage she does is a percentage of what she heals, and always hits. ONLY Hit you can add to her is from armament for the "Enchantment Combo" in the enchant tab and "Star Combo" in the Improve tab. As for gems only Hit you'll add to her will be from Agility+Hit fusion gems.
    Basically for her you need: Agility, Attack, HP, Crit and Crit Damage.
    For Sylphs, if you have Zeus, he's one of the best options.
    LMAO, since when? xD
    Ok, so according to that logic you are telling me that Genesis, on a 2nd round shouldn't be able to do any dmg on round skill cause she only have 156K hit, while the enemy party are all equipped with L2 imp and Fury gear? lol what nonsense, cause guess what, a few days ago i killed a dodger in CS CoM with over 400K dodge on his main char. And every time that my Geny did the round skill, it caused damage on him. so this makes me wonder about that statement up there.


    Gear: Fury(cheap option) or Missional L3(expensive) or Supreme(super ultra expensive dont even think about it option)
    Gems: Agility-MATK-Hit-Crit-HP
    Fairies: any which boosts agility, atk and hit
    Khaos: Gear - any 5-6 star with ATK and Hit, Angel - Victoriana(cheap option) or Hades, Hero - Dark Valkyrie
    Angel: any with good guardian stats
    Amulet: Eudaemon Ring or Wand of Grace, any of Zeus series can be better, if devs fixed description of their skills in Guide.
    Sylphs: Ocarina or Saintly Queen or their expensive alternatives.

    Since that question was asked, but most likely starting from development of hero.
    If Genesis actually deals damage without considering hit and dodge stats, than it most likely bugged and should be reported and fixed.

    Not saying you are wrong. just wondering if devs really tested it because is bullshit...haha

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