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    Hi guys i can't seem to log in my DDtank account which is currently binded with my FB

    strangely when i looked into my passport ID it says ("[email protected]" <<< not eaxact numbers) even the email that was set with my account is the same with the ID
    i tried checking if there was such email in my gmail or yahoo, and it says the user does not exist

    so i have no idea what my password is can anyone help how to transfer it to launcher? or better, how can i figure out my password,
    because obviously my facebook password was incorrect i tried everything and i just can't locate my password

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    You don't need password login by facebook.
    You just connect facebook and login Facebook.
    NGames will login your account.
    The "email" is not Email.


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      Heloo how can change my username from the ngames page