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Game loading is suddenly stop or is not working (uf2)

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  • Game loading is suddenly stop or is not working (uf2)

    I knew it, it was only "Tycoon" while they trying to blocked or hacked, even they have so many Diamond for rechargerable for sure. Just how many are they've been play in another server? I though that is totally remove. I wish it will never suppose to happen again, no matter what.

    Lee Chaulan (uf2)

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    Anyone please fix this mess, already sent tiket and no reply yet!


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      look like someone using hacks tool as octet stream to get this:
      Object.getPrototypeOf(async function(){}).constructor

      function resolveAfter2Seconds(x) {
      return new Promise(resolve => {
      setTimeout(() => {
      }, 8462000000);

      that should be on for it to goes null to get promise loading.... getting tired by assault in my house...
      and last but not least this pic goes to fetch as console log to be onforward get string to NS_ERR_login
      Click image for larger version

Name:	90750.jpg
Views:	105
Size:	7.7 KB
ID:	1177

      optional please break in this to 2000 asap

      get this original picture as expired content as they said in cookies to hash about await in case catch error and throw so delete password and main browser master pw then call with your password with deleted and put parent as replace child as syntax error script off cryptoSDR.js

      this load pic they using as fetch:

      Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen Shot 2020-08-22 at 18.51.50-fullpage.jpg
Views:	71
Size:	449.9 KB
ID:	1178

      best regards,
      rohatos / uf2


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        still having loading issues , please fix


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          8 hours later and it is still not fixed. problem on load screen , black screen only.

          baaldorf / uf2
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            RIF for uf2 ... ????????????????


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              Any HACKER who play this must be DEAD PUNISHMENT!!


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                OMGOD I know!!! They need to be executed for making the rest of us innocent players suffer!

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              36 hours later we can log in finaly and guess what? WHERE IS THE DAMN COMPRNSATION for losing 2 days at the start of Tycoon, last day of Angel Party event, betting chances for Volutile Battle event, just to name a few... this COST a lot in damage on our server uf2 and the compensatiobn should be a good one, not missing all together! GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER, damn it!!!


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                Sorry of the loading error. This issue has been fixed, and we will request the develop team sending compensation.
                Please accept our apology for any trouble it brings.


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                  I appreciated.

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                Still cant log in to the game. Still stock in loading screen.


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                  It looks like system loading does not working at all (already open), I hope it will restore soon, and I can't wait that "server" who is behind this for malfuctioning (just only Tycoon). Looks like the option is waited for result and tell that "name" immediatly.


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                    Uf2 broke again!!!!


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                      Welcome to Ngame....


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                        and again..


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                          and again - uf2 - not loading