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    Hi Ma'am/Sir,

    Good Day!

    I've encountered some issue on my account. The screen is not proceeding on the game. It just keep on stopping and stopping on loading even if i refresh it.
    Plaese help me with this issue.
    And also at the current event before this loading issue came up. Resource Tycoon (CS) is not giving me any points even if i collected some resources.

    Thank you,

    IGN : heRo
    Server : 36 Bulwark of Blood
    Platform : NGames

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    that is a curse .. because u have spent your parents' money for useless games and wasted time ...


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      uf2 not loading... ????


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        to the systems programmers,

        i/we are having loading problems with the game.

        we only see a black screen, when the game tries to load.

        24 hours have gone by with this problem unresolved.

        Please look into this and fix it.

        Sincerely Yours,

        IGN: baaldorf
        server: uf2
        platform: Ngames


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          N.026939282 commented
          Editing a comment
          same thing here 24 hours

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        Try to solve today and found script this happen again and usually in condition of facebook user inline of posted script for id password also sending post, this can only fix if there is no blocking adapter that has been illegaly plug with device then infected the script for facebook if the user login even try to this delete this script can erased user password but promise return if crypto manager callback if the user remember last password afterward the deleted infected script went back again.

        this one example that infected the script:

        __d("FBJSON",[],(function(a,b,c,d,e,f){e.exports={ e,stringify:JSON.stringify}}),null);
        __d("BanzaiConsts",[],(function(a,b,c,d,e,f){a={SEND:"Banzai:SEND",OK:" Banzai:OK",ERROR:"Banzai:ERROR",SHUTDOWN:"Banzai:S HUTDOWN",BASIC:"basic",VITAL:"vital",BASIC_WAIT:6e 4,BASIC_WAIT_COMET:2e3,VITAL_WAIT:1e3,BATCH_SIZE_L IMIT:64e3,EXPIRY:864e5,BATCH_TIMEOUT:1e4,LAST_STOR AGE_FLUSH:"banzai:last_storage_flush",STORAGE_FLUS H_INTERVAL:12*60*6e4,ODS_ROUTE:"categorized_ods",P OST_READY:0,POST_INFLIGHT:1,POST_SENT:2};e.exports =a}),null);

        theneval evaluated copy can be virus so try not save or set to read only if for further fix!

        The script inline of the facebook.js named: c0cMm7IdYnv.js

        still ongoing progress solve this hack:
        kind regard.
        rohatos / uf2,
        thank you!


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          8/23/20 And i still can not get in game stops at loading screen


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            Sorry of the loading error. This issue has been fixed, and we will request the develop team sending compensation.
            Please accept our apology for any trouble it brings.


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              uf2 is totally broken everyday.... R.I.P UF2