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  • login problem

    From 22:30am until now at 4:30pm still can't get into game stack up loading 99%(7/7) and still stack up at 6:30pm half hour for world boss events.
    This happen to all or several players at ud3 to had lost all event for getting in to game!!

    rohatos ud3
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    Thank You it's working at 7:40 and everyone can login again


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      stack up loading it's happenning again at 9:30 pm 6/7/2019 thats not load at 99%(7/7)
      see this screenshot,
      Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2019-06-07 League of Angels - ud3.png
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Size:	878.6 KB
ID:	323 please fix this bug a.s.a.p so the others player at ud3 can play smoothly nothing bugged and also this if happen at events day like tycoon or demonic war time can be sure whats happen if there is no solve to fix it and keep going like this was so unnerving therefore fix this bug for sake!! !

      truly yours,
      rohatos ud3


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        thanks for something,
        it's works now at 11:20
        so how was gauntlet for all player at ud3 who has can login in to game?
        are they any compensation just once for gauntlet?

        rohatos ud3
        Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2019-06-07 League of Angels - ud3a.png
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Size:	923.0 KB
ID:	325


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          when i am login at 5:00pm there seen lot chat tell what the login failed at 99%(7/7) again this was someone trying steal character of someone player at ud3 so please banned the player who's using cheat to stolen also do others cheat at game too...
          see this picture with a lot of angry chat from player who doesn't get in to game:


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            Happen again and this was so stupid why there is no response here at forum? are all the team development are not exist?
            Please fix this login that stack up at 99%(7/7) it's been 3 days since i change my password or i should change again?


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              now it's 8:30 almost reset time and i haven't check in at all to get in the game this was bug so much and need compensation about that also no need other reason to solve for nothing compensation...


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                Today its 18:40 at server time now and from reset time was never been right to get devotion thats only arena challenge not been reset...
                why this happen to all players at ud3?
                Divine Realm from reset until 18:40 now it's can be entered see this picture:
                Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2019-06-09 League of Angels - ud3.png
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Size:	865.1 KB
ID:	331
                for some people it's cannot entere Horse Treasure, Homestead and Inferno!
                or i can say if my account logged in came out the bug for all players too
                can you tell me why is it happen that all my account never has to do any trouble such as cheat or diamond and password stealing at the game!
                are this game server has no developer team or just like that annoying for truly person i am to be an unworthy one for this game?
                I dont want to be prejudice as a crime person here to do imposter things when playing and you got no reason to claim about my life at my settlement and living for as human!
                Are this game RETARDED to mine as well you made mine like you thought there for no reason to believe in law!

                olinavia ud3
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                    are this ngames forum only fill with "The Brady Bunch" family and nothing to do with bug at server ud3?!
                    or perhaps it's "The Flinstones" family were they are such an idiots!! !

                    rohatos ud3
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                      thank you for compensation

                      truly yours,
                      olinavia ud3


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                        Please accept our apology for the trouble you've had.
                        If you have any other problem, contact us again.