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no login had time out and account block by third party

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  • no login had time out and account block by third party

    can login to game only at home page and forum someone report block my account to instead used cheat and this game approved as third party shit!
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2020-07-01 League of Angels - uf2.jpg
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ID:	821
    what this? HACKING!
    are you criminal?
    are you like kill me?
    are want to fuck?
    are you somekind of ..... fucking kill at home?
    are you crazy fuck!

    rohatos / uf2

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    kill the intruder get in to house you get reward from precinct get killer in to your house and kiiled it!!!
    good job!


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      Same as me, I got a problem like this too. Just like was I say the day before that someone MUST cause it. My message is please find or search that troublesome "HACKER" so that I can play normaly and when it does please tell when the "RULE OF LAW" is announced. Arigatto Gozaimass (thank you very much)

      Lee Chaulan (uf2)


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        I don't know what was happening when I try it suddenly doesn't log well, seems like when before 12:00 PM can log normaly.


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          I guess now server is back normal again but some features as the loading theme is base64 image that seems begin with winx64 and sure all in character treasury is base64 combined therefore for better is get install runtime base64 to fast in game but dont try click too fast that was deprecating to ops too fast hope this sure well run better in api system and all script must remove.
          thank you for understand me get rid killer
          sincerely yours,
          rohatos / uf2

          this the load theme original: Click image for larger version

Name:	1.jpg
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Size:	144.1 KB
ID:	837


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            and its back to this again


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              Hmmm, I think one of the server who play this MUST BE REMOVE PERMANENTLY, especially for completly being hacking.


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                Click image for larger version

Name:	1487645_6012475414660_1439393861_n.png
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ID:	852
                this is the hack content element by hacker that i have blocked please provide back up to continuosly prevent this page content hacking uf2 server by id that was trying to caught all to exception payload to that account only by try made false http please get this by ascending to lang.js to make meta:viewport at page in uf2 that has been removed by that id to hack


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                  the line of image are deprecated and also no location secure for some reason the actor did specialist to get into the server then the actor it self made some play of cutting all cable all lines and also made this game deprecated as usual the actor did not success in it now the actor make bolean system to get location a player to unsure things not the type of adress for ngames and the actor play as winner!
                  see what happen to server if any click the framed has an actor stand of one in not have providing location for forwarded link the actor specialist in or nor in same ol situation called imaginary profile actor for get insecure login for sure.
                  Try to make perform record stack at use at studio with visual sizing the server imaginary set no location perhaps also has been write with actor to destroy accord so keep lightened recording for VOO also in WOFF
                  see this ex, of image non secure:
                  Click image for larger version  Name:	Angels.png Views:	0 Size:	177.5 KB ID:	922
                  hope this sees full and get dimension of moving instead background at picture by using sync at light in timeout be sure stop at stacked reordered in 10 as value for 2 to get in 0.88 for 60% px