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game no longer plays on Safari

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  • game no longer plays on Safari

    Safari just updated on my Mac to version 14. The LoA game no longer works, since FLASH is no longer supported on this browser. What is the plan for the game after December - when official suport for flash ends? Will we still be able to play this game?

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    Please install the latest version of safari that is about version of Safari 5.1.7 (7534.57.2)
    Then for Flash read about topic in Bug Report and please don't make the same topics are the way as closed to be that define is solve and also include your name / server at the end of message text, etc
    thankfully ,
    rohatos / uf2
    [email protected]


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      what you are saying makes no sense. I am running the latest version of safari on OSX. It automatically updated last week, the browser no longer allows flash content it is version 14.0. I also looked in bug report for FLASH BUG, and can't make any sense out of the answer. I don't feel that you are providing any value in your answer.

      Leonitis / UB18


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        I'm using OS X and the most recent Safari version. The browser, which is version 14.0, automatically updated last week and no longer supports Flash content. I also searched the bug report for FLASH BUG, but the result makes no sense heardle game


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          Hmm, you need to use the latest version to make it work. D4 gold


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