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    Game Mahjong online free (Mahjongg, Mahjong Solitaire, or Shanghai Solitaire) uses 144 tiles. When you start the game, these tiles are placed in a four-player pattern. You cannot see cells that are hidden below other cells. You must remove the upper tiles and reveal the tiles below. You can only match two identical empty cells. A free tile is a tile that is open and unbound to its left or right. Once you remove all pairs of tiles from the board, you win the game. Many bricks look similar, but they have slight differences. So you need to have a sharp mind and focus on the differences to find the identical bricks.

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      Games like Mahjong improve intelligence as well as attention skills, sometimes I play such games against the clock, I usually prefer sports games to have fun, the sports game I play the most is football legends game, this game always manages to entertain me, I like to play such games.