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    yes can't do with client to play LoA only for Global Strike
    it's crashed!! !
    yours truly,
    rohatos ud3
    [email protected]


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      Today when start to play the game start real smooth and good as the best playing but in about 30 minutes it becomes operation too fast that happen for background sound and written in console as actor destroy, really stalker to steal and try rob me with nonsense reason to hear please do roll out time for hang monitor that game has been resetting all icon and also the event matches doesnt count for event like tycoon not in applet to do bonus this is real make the superheroes only mermaid take rank #! please do instead the occassionally password field doesn't inherit and take owner by make php request for kill me to 404 for couple times type in field for password wrong or right doesn't fit the ceredential and this look like they want close all cookies and my password to be change as my email that forbidden in this game to change email for character you created also make pronouncing about make flood in chat that happen to get blacklist text at your browser profile then created lock this is crap and doesnt work if i dump it.
      This is resetting now happen to all player that you are the creator can claim for the killing fields with stupid reason to them for robbing and that comes even not from the player who was play there so this happen i dont hesitate and not afraid to give a damn about they said to me is the tread of killing not points of authority.

      This is pics for my battle rating and also all devotion has reset the number:

      Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2020-05-19 League of Angels - uf2.jpg
Views:	53
Size:	952.5 KB
ID:	740

      Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2020-05-19 League of Angels - uf2a.jpg
Views:	79
Size:	943.3 KB
ID:	739

      sincerelly yours,
      rohatos / uf2
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      [email protected]


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        They only give trash to free players or moderate cashers and bad internet connection makes it glitch that came fro ajax site at upon the home page if you had play in PC see in beside the numlock button is the "/" button is allow and true in dev mod and make some false id to ge tyours id to be banned as seen they by name you had in game and also due the cheat code in flasfshavar request for battle skill for about immune and counterattacking because the battle unconditionally no click to to control it that's called ASPD (attack speed) about boot 7x times then they can duplicate the heroes evolve by copying the image of heroes skill for evolve from before then the heroes evolve it self 2x times or 3x times and this cheat consistently hashes out trash thoroughly disapointed once again for old heroes that not dependable to played again or somekind of mistakes to get login to game because has zeroing and to be dodging to all monster and enemy also hidding the battle skill rating at your party rating so he becomes unsolid and no power for exm: "son of flames" and "lord cedric" *etc.
        The mage or anti mage system has been cheat all over the old mage to get situation immune for mage heroes you get now by copy and paste at "/" homepage use swf.1\name\

        A study found that 46% of 46 million players in the US pay real money to play and what starts like a reasonable pay to win game ends with them asking 500-600€/week. Free to play?!, give me a break more like Pay to win. This is nothing but a money making scam made to look like a game, you want to go far in LoA you have to pay for it and reasonable has answer for bugs in major problem about charge and spend diamond from charge, for reminder they also made DUPE (duplicate) for diamond hash at "/" homepage\code;strict they’re purposely destroying the game to force us to get banned instead them having it and the mod and GM they're !! !

        Due to facebook issues accounts for me i need to check to see if my main account on facebook is on then hash it to sme-site origin to be none then make inline-block and last type ;secure and run it several times makes them DUMPER...WORST GAME EVER!!! DON'T PLAY WITH ME!! and also for the battle-skill i can banned them for sure and this is came from header and host they make tengine or nginx so the cheats flow securely no detect only type the player name and http; for host then id;set to block-origin;state never change cookies with no header they make at cross-site just set to none;secure and not strict but true. This is the cheat they type into "/" at homepage before launch the game so web console report false. I'm not dev of this game so for godsake do this if not you're purposely destroying the game to be punctually money eater.

        Read all about the review at this website below i paste the link that doesn't have certificate revocation or publish hijack for the LoA without permission granted and call themselves claim about purpose had this game and surely can't load because expired from here!
        So DO NOT PLAY at this website STAY AWAY only make your account breach CRAP!!